What Are The Features Of iOS 14?

Apple declared iOS 14 during WWDC in 2020 and uncovered a few new highlights and upgrades to the iPhone working framework. This update denoted the primary significant change to the home screen since its origin and added new protection confronting highlights across the framework. For More information visit TechKorr.

This significant update to iOS changed a few parts of how iPhone clients find and view data. In spite of the pandemic disturbing ordinary long periods of pre-declaration advancement, Apple actually had iOS 14 prepared for WWDC 2020. Home screen gadgets, application libraries, another interpretation element, and speed upgrades and configuration changes were included a significant delivery.

iOS 14 Features

Application library

Apple had left the home screen practically immaculate since it showed up on the first iPhone. It’s generally been a matrix of application symbols, a spot that holds each application you’ve downloaded. The organization has rolled out a few gradual improvements over the long run, including envelopes and backdrops, yet iOS 14 adds a couple of additional amenities to the home screen. If you want to experience the operating system, then you should know how long does ios 14 take to download.

While it’s still to a great extent the normal, worn-out home screen, the new increases give clients more customization choices. Presently you can eliminate an application from the home screen without erasing it or concealing it in an envelope. The application will be inside the new “Application Library” by swiping up on the most distant right of the screen. The App Library sorts applications by classification, with an inquiry bar at the top appearance a sequential rundown of all introduced applications.

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One more significant change to the home screen is the capacity to add gadgets. Beforehand, gadgets just lived in “Today View” on the left-hand screen, yet presently you can drag the gadget to the home screen too.

Gadgets can take up 2×2, 2×4, or 4×4 space on the home screen. You can likewise stack them into bunches for swiping. You can’t cooperate with gadget components; They just present data. They additionally go about as launchers for their separate applications. They frequently profound connection to their shown content, so much of the time, tapping on a gadget will take you to the piece of the application that straightforwardly matches the substance you’re seeing.


Apple’s shrewd aide is getting a corrective makeover in iOS 14. Rather than taking up the whole page, it currently shows up as a little-hued symbol at the lower part of the screen. Siri seems, by all accounts, to be more conversational and will be better ready to recall past activities or inquiries between utilizes.

Siri Intelligence is getting a lift, as Apple adds disconnected page interpretations to Safari. Right now, apparatuses like Google Translate require an Internet association with exploring through their applications or web devices, which are logged for information following purposes. The disconnected iOS-based arrangement is totally private and uses on-gadget AI to deal with interpretation demands, which is more private and secure.

Security and protection

Apple regularly refreshes safety efforts to hinder or uncover trackers higher than the OS level. In the new programming, clients are confronted with additional smart notices when the camera, receiver, or clipboard is gotten to.

Designer and public beta tests revealed a few applications that endeavor to run processes behind the scenes without the client knowing. Apparently, TikTok is checking the clipboard with every keystroke inside a text field, while applications like Instagram are running the camera behind the scenes without the client enacting it.


Apple procured Dark Sky, the main climate application on the App Store, in March 2020. This implies a few things for the help, including the finish of the Android form and the belittling of the API.

Dim Sky is as yet accessible in the App Store for iOS and iPadOS. Apple didn’t explicitly address the Dark Sky procurement in front of an audience at WWDC, however new updates to the Weather application and gadgets show progress on that front.

The Weather application still unmistakably shows “The Weather Channel” in the base corner of the application. Nonetheless, Apple is obtaining portions of the information from Dark Sky, including the new one hour from now gauge in the application. The gadget likewise lets you know whether downpour or other weather conditions is drawing near the hour.


In the new firmware, Messages allows you to stick talks to the highest point of the application’s discussion list. Showing up as huge and round symbols, they will generally be on top except if you physically eliminate or supplant them.

Inline answers have additionally been remembered for the update. Whenever you long-press or twofold tap a message bubble in a talk, you can pick “Answer” to form another message, answering a past message in a similar discussion. A little box close to your answer will allude to the first message.

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