Top 5 Companies Using Node JS

Node JS is among the best IT solutions for real-time apps. This framework is based on the most popular coding language in the whole world Java Script. It is widely used in such areas as streaming apps, game development time tracking applications and, of course, social media. So it is not a surprise that Node JS is implemented in lots of world-famous products and senior Node JS developers are among top-rated IT pros all over the world. Talking in numbers, Node JS today has a lion’s share of the market almost 50.4%.

In RexSoft, we have gathered several brilliant examples of using Node JS for application development. Let’s share that knowledge with you in this article.


That streaming content & video supplier today is the largest on the market. On the dawn of Netflix, it used JS as its backend technology yet it couldn’t cope with its constantly growing users’ database. Using the Node JS framework, Netflix has increased customer service quality and improved launch time for its app. It has diminished from 10 seconds to 1 second no more. Microservices integration also improved when using Node JS.


Trello is a working tool for thousands of businesses. This project management ecosystem is used all over the world. No need to say that the Trello platform needs momentarily updating without any setback. Trello made the decision to implement Node JS as a server solution. And this led to positive results:

  • Thanks to Node JS, Trello was able to create the lightest single-page application possible.
  • Trello updates happen in real-time with minimal delays.
  • The reduction in development costs has also proven to be significant.


PayPal also suffered a lot from JS sluggishness. When the number of active accounts of the payment system reached the critical level of 200 million people, JS solutions turned out to be ineffective and the system’s performance dropped. With the introduction of Node JS, PayPal has cut response times and thus load times in half.


The Facebook social network remains the largest in the world. And here, too, it was not without development in Node JS. In particular, this framework was used to develop:

  • Messenger Facebook, as it is,
  • Messenger-based chatbots that use business pages,
  • Authentication applications that allow you to authenticate to third-party services using Facebook.

All this made it possible to facilitate the processing of user data, make the response faster, and the application itself works flawlessly in most cases.


And here is another social network that appreciated the benefits of Node JS. Again, the reason for the transition was an increase in the load on the platform with an increase in the number of active users. Previously, the service used the Ruby on Rails framework, but when the number of users exceeded 467 million people, this framework ceased to cope with processing requests. After switching to Node JS, the application speed increased 10 times. Due to the fact that the architecture of LinkedIn was originally built on Java Script, the transition to Node JS went smoothly, and as a result, the company also reduced its server park by 10 times – from 30 servers to 3 that efficiently processed requests. Also, the implementation of this framework helped to increase the traffic bandwidth.

In general, Node JS is a technology that can be safely called the technology of the future. Due to its unlimited possibilities, it is already being actively used by market leaders in various fields. For example, we did not mention that Microsoft and Google use the same technology. At the same time, Node JS has solutions for any scale of projects, from large enterprise products to small startups. If you have a product idea, then consider using Node JS as its backend. And Node JS development company RexSoft will help you bring it to life. Together we’ll create the perfect product for you.

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