The best CCTV system for my home

CCTV acts as a big deterrent to criminals, especially when it comes to crimes that are pre-planned. It means that thieves target your home. It helps keep your things safe and secured. In this way, CCTV cameras provide safety of your family. Knowing that your home or business is being monitored by advanced electronic security system can give you peace of mind. You will know that your property is less likely to be targeted by criminals, and if anything does happen, you will have evidence to help catch the perpetrators. There are many options to protect your home with CCTV systems. Which one is the best? In the market, there are several systems in the market but for the new users, it is not easy to choose the best one. There are three types of CCTV systems for your home and you need to learn about all of them in detail.

  1. Digital video recorder or DVR

It is an electronic gadget that records video in a digital format to an SSD, SD memory card, USB flash drive, disk drive or networked mass storage device. A DVR comes with its own internal hard drive. It starts recording without the requirement to insert any type of storage media. Digital video recording supports specifications such as backup, recording, real-time playback, remote access motion detection, and many more when it comes to analog camera recording.

There are classic analog CCTV cameras which signal is going through coax cable? This type of system includes cameras and a DVR (digital video recorder). Because of the technology these type of system reached the 4K(8MP) resolution which is really high and good.

  • IP CCTV systems

This system works by sending footage over the LAN and internet. It connects to network through PoE, and Wi-Fi. These are used with NVRS and digital video recorders. It makes them a common solution for enterprise video services. There are IP CCTV systems, which includes IP cameras and NVR(network video recorder)They can reach 16MP resolution but you don’t really need such a resolution for your home, they are still expensive and need a large hard drive for storage.

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 This system is suitable for industrial sites, government buildings, business offices, retail stores, traffic intersections, military facilities, and banks. It comes with remote monitoring, weather resistance, corridor format, intrusion alarm, motion detection, Night vision and many more.

  • Wireless Cameras

It is the system that works without wires by transmitting signals. The video is delivered through a built-in storage device. These devices are used for scheduled recording, wireless technology, motion detection, automatic cloud storage, and remote viewing. Usually wireless cameras are IP based, but the signal can be lost if there is a longer distance between the cameras and the router or if the building is made of thick walls, then it works in the better way.


The best home CCTV system price quality ratio is the analog CCTV system. It is one of the most efficient and suitable CCTV systems. It is a conventional camera utilized in CCTV systems. It sends video over cable to DVRs and VCRs. These are very easy to use devices and you can install them without any hassle. With the help of the reliable installation team, you can manage your job easily. On shoocctv, you can order high-quality CCTV device as per your needs. They are very easy to access online for the best CCTV systems.

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