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Smart-Home Modern Design Trends For Sunrooms in Orlando, Florida

By: Annie Sisk

Many Orlando homeowners know the value of a well-designed modern sunroom. And increasingly, they’re finding out how smart-home technology can translate to a truly modern lifestyle with increased ease, security, and comfort. 

Maximize your enjoyment of your Orlando sunroom by strategically integrating AI- and IoT devices. Then infuse your sunroom with natural and nature-inspired design elements. These three emerging tech-fueled design trends will help you create the modern sunroom of your dreams. 

1. Put Your Primary Focus on Health and Safety

It might seem odd to think about safety and health in the context of styling and renovating an Orlando sunroom. Yet when you think about it, these days, there’s not much that’s more critical than keeping you and your family safe, healthy, and secure in your home. 

Smart home technology can help you achieve the optimally healthful environment for your sunroom that you want to achieve. Start with smart thermometers and humidity monitors that can help you maintain the ideal indoor climate for every room in your home, including your sunroom. This helps you maintain your family’s health and comfort no matter where they are in your home. It can also help you control your energy bills throughout the year, saving money as well as preserving your family’s well-being.

New and emerging developments in AI-assisted home technology can go beyond simply controlling your home’s temperature and humidity. There are now door-mounted devices that can not only help you see who’s at the front door but also tell you whether that person has an elevated temperature indicating a potential infection to help keep you and your family safe. Some windows come equipped with noise-canceling technology to help preserve the sound integrity of your sunroom. 

2. Go Hands-Free by Integrating Voice-Activated Assistance

Hands-free, voice-activated devices are the epitome of truly useful smart-home technology. Choosing a robust home assistant that can integrate with other smart home elements means you free up your time and energy for more interesting pursuits or relaxation. This kind of integration can simplify your life considerably in the process when it’s done correctly. 

When your home device is properly connected to your IoT-equipped devices, you can use it to take care of lots of tasks: 

  • Open or close the windows or window treatments
  • Open up motorized doors for a mobility-impaired person 
  • Turn on and control the sunroom’s lighting fixtures
  • Begin playing your preferred music or adjust the volume to allow for conversation

Automating even simple tasks like these lets you increase your productivity at home, increasing your free time and helping you maximize your enjoyment of your Orlando sunroom. Connect mobile apps to your smartphone or tablet for the fullest possible level of control, even when you’re traveling. 

3. Bring in the Modern Aesthetic to Your Sunroom

Finally, don’t forget to keep your modern design aesthetic in mind when shopping for smart home devices. You can choose lighting fixtures and other design elements in a wide variety of styles. Keep the lines simple, clean, and unfussy to evoke the modern style. The streamlined look and feel of modern decor will help create the look you’re after. Pair any electricity-powered devices with smart plugs in your sunroom’s outlets. 

Fill in sparingly with elements that evoke and are inspired by natural elements. Create a lush, green oasis in your sunroom with large, healthy trees and plants that do well in the bright Florida sun, and place them in sleek planters of stone and clay. Choose fabrics and upholstery in earth tones and other natural shades as well as nature-inspired prints, such as leaves and florals in large, clean lines. 

Explore Your Options With Professional Guidance

The right smart-home technology paired with thoughtful, modern design can help you attract more potential homebuyers to your Orlando home and can even lead to a higher home appraisal value. If you’re planning to sell your home within the next year or so, consider speaking to an experienced Orlando real estate agent before you make any major changes to your sunroom. 

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