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San Antonio Pools: What is Pool Leveling?

You might have noticed that your pool has this unnaturally shallow end, your pool just looks wrong for some reason, the structure of your pool is weak compared to all of the other pools you have seen, or your pool cleaning equipment just suddenly gets stuck in certain parts of your pool. That is usually because your pool is not leveled properly. It is important to know more about pool leveling in San Antonio because having an uneven pool could be a big safety hazard. 

Pool Leveling Solutions

  • Sand
  • Concrete slab
  • Concrete pads
  • Solid foam
  • Crushed stone
  • Rolling tamper
  • Pavers 

What Are The Steps in Leveling a pool?

Step One: Finding the perfect location

Choosing the perfect spot for your pool is essential because setting up a pool is almost impossible to move without having to drain and disassemble it. 

You could pick the flattest area in your yard because the flatter the land is, the less shoveling that you are going to have to do. You are also going to have to stay away from septic and sewage lines, port lines, and underground cables.

Step Two: Clearing the site

You are going to have to clear the site out first. This includes the rocks, grass, and any other possible debris that could be found under the place that would be able to damage your liner and destroy your pool.

You are going to have to remove the grass first by using a sod cutter to cut, roll, and relocate the grass patches that you have in the area. But you could also hire a rototiller to help you do the job because they would be able to do it much quicker.

Step Three: Fixing all of the bumps and holes

Smoothen out and take away other bumps and holes in the area that you want to put your pool on. This step is tiring because you are going to need a shovel to shovel out the bumps that you may have on the ground.

You could dig the ground so that you could level the ground properly because it is so much better for you to remove some of the bumps in the dirt than to add more. This is a way for you to actually create a more stable base.

Step Four: Smoothening the area with sand

You are going to need a whole truckload of sand when you are leveling out the ground for your pool because this sand is a great base that would be able to protect your liner and become a buffer against sharp objects, grass, or weed. 

If you are wondering how to get sand delivered, you could get it delivered by making a phone call to a landscaping supply company, or you could also call your local garden center. When you are putting in your order, you could ask for enough sand that would be able to create at least a 2-inch thick layer of sand, but if you end up having 6-inches or more, it is completely fine.

Step Five: Compacting the sand

Compact the sand and make it into a solid base after you let the sand rest. You could do this with a lawn roller. Just go over the entire base of your pool, or the place you are planning on putting your pool on, and pack it down really flat. 

Your goal when you are compacting the sand is to make sure that nothing has changed, this means that the sand needs to be completely flat. If the sand does not level out completely when you are using a lawn roller, then you could use a shovel to level it out before using the lawn roller again to completely flatten it out.

When you are doing this step, you should not rush the process. Take your time to make sure you get the whole thing right.

Step Six: Laying your base protector

You are going to need to have this base layer. There is a specialized pool pad that you could buy, it is usually just this high foam or tarp base that you could buy that you put beneath your above-ground pool. This stands as another layer of protection for your swimming pool. 

This would help reduce any risks of your pool being punctured and insulate and prevent any heat loss because of the cold ground. It is recommended that you lay this sheet of tarp over the ground because it could be a nightmare when you puncture your liner accidentally and you are going to have to find the hole so that you could patch it up.

Step Seven: Setting your pool up

Now that you have your base protector on your pool floor, then you can now start setting the pool up. This would generally depend on the model of the pool that you have because every model has different instructions, but all of them usually have a similar theme. So you are going to have to follow these different steps carefully so you are sure that it is safe for your kids to swim around in it.

As summer is slowly approaching, having your own pool accessible to you any time of the day would be perfect, especially if the sun is so high up in the sky and you feel like dipping in a cold pool is the only thing that would help your body cool down. Leveling out is also very important when you have a pool because it ensures safety. 

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