Industrial snooping: A how-to guide

Industrial espionage employs a variety of methods.

We need to know how industrial espionage is carried out in order to properly prevent it. Security breaches and data theft may occur in a variety of ways. 

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A cyber assault is a kind of attack

Since 2007, the Center for Strategic and International Studies has released a research showing that the number of serious cyber events has climbed from only 12 to 103.

When it comes to economic espionage, foreign countries are the most likely to use hackers.

You may be hacked by hackers employing espionage software or malware to exploit known and zero-day flaws in your system.

Organizations’ worst fear is a cyber assault, but even when they are aware of the danger, they don’t always take precautions to prevent it. Many businesses do not have a plan in place to avoid cyber espionage.

Fewer than one in ten firms has a defined policy in place for incident response, removable media restrictions, or incident measurement strategies.

In addition, cyber intrusions are typically preceded by physical access that makes them feasible. That’s why even the most advanced anti-malware protection and firewalls aren’t adequate when the physical and cyber security are intertwined.

In fact, some have even suggested that boosting cybersecurity and protecting the organisation from external threats may actually increase the risk of an insider attack.  التجسس الإلكتروني can be very dangerous, in case of emergency contact us.

The danger of an insider attack

The employment of malevolent insiders in industrial espionage is becoming increasingly common. In order to spy on your firm, rivals might use moles who seem to be ordinary workers while surreptitiously collecting information for their own employer.

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If a competitor approaches a valued employee with special access, they might offer them money or blackmail them into cooperating in exchange for vital information. It is considerably more difficult to discover the bad activities of such personnel than hacking attempts, thus it is a lot safer bet.

Industrial espionage has been the subject of two high-profile lawsuits.

Industrial espionage may strike even the most powerful companies.

Some incidences of industrial espionage are known to the public, despite the efforts of most firms to keep them out of the public eye.


Tesla sued Martin Tripp in November 2018 for stealing secret images and recordings of Tesla’s production processes. Tripp later posted photographs of batteries he claimed to have created inside the Gigafactory that had been damaged but were still functional. A Tesla internal inquiry determined that Tripp was responsible for the data leak to Business Insider that tarnished Tesla’s reputation.

Tripp, a former Tesla employee, is now claiming to be a whistleblower and disputing Tesla’s assertions that he is a disgruntled ex-employee. Tesla executives allege that he is motivated by sabotage, while he argues that he has a genuine concern for the safety of electric vehicle consumers. It’s not clear. However, it’s impossible to deny that he spied on his employer and used the information he obtained.


At the end of February 2017, a self-driving vehicle firm filed a lawsuit against Uber and Otto, a startup founded by Anthony Levandowski, Waymo’s ex-employee. In January 2016, Levandowski quit Waymo (then a Google project) and formed a startup that developed self-driving truck technology. Uber eventually purchased Otto. Prior to his departure, Waymo accused Levandowski of stealing 14,000 files of highly classified material by using a flash drive.

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