5 Useful Tips To Boost Your CTR In PPC

You naturally want to maximize clickthrough rates to ensure maximum return on your investment in Google Ads (formerly Adwords).

After all, it costs money to get those clicks. Increasing the number of people who click on your Google Ads and other pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements can be done by employing tried and tested strategies, which is where you might look to a PPC agency for support.

In this piece, we’ll examine methods that have been shown to increase clickthrough rate (CTR) effectively. It all boils down to some well-written advertising and some deft uses of urgency:

1. Utilise Negative Keywords

Negative keywords play a crucial role in the success of any Google AdWords campaign. Internet marketers eventually saw the value of using negative keywords, and now they do it frequently.

To avoid having your advertising appear in response to incorrect search terms, you might use what are called “negative keywords.” The position of your ad will drop if it is shown in response to searches that have nothing to do with your business.

There is a direct correlation between lower ad placement and lower CTR. In either case, the visitor would either not bother clicking or would quickly leave because the content was irrelevant to their needs.

With the use of negative keywords, your ads will be shown only to the intended audience, reducing the number of unintentional impressions and clicks on those ads. Clicks that won’t lead to a sale are another area where negative keywords can help. As a result, your clickthrough rate (CTR) will improve because there will be fewer instances where the ads are seen but not clicked.

It’s crucial to use negative keywords because they boost your clickthrough rate and prevent your advertising spending from being wasted.

2. Mention Your Primary Keyword In Your Display URL

The display URL is frequently disregarded, despite its critical role. Your PPC ad text, including the display URL, should be used as frequently as any other portion of the ad copy.

You should make the most of the space you have by using as few words per line as possible. You should include your primary keywords, or the words most likely to elicit a click, in the display URL of your PPC ad.

With only 35 characters available, the display URL is a good place to showcase your core term and boost CTR. Your ad will seem more relevant to the user if the URL contains the primary keyword.

When people visit your site and find your primary term in the URL, they are more likely to trust that you are offering what they need. Your primary keyword may be the name of your product, a specific feature or benefit, or any other phrase designed to pique readers’ interest.

The clickthrough rates can also be evaluated by trying out different headlines, descriptions, and live URLs. For this reason, it has been shown that CTR is significantly greater for advertisements where the primary keywords are in the display URL.

3. Include A Countdown Clock

If you’ve seen any recent James Bond films, you know that a countdown timer is guaranteed to raise your blood pressure. Including one of these deceptively simple clocks in your pay-per-click ad is a foolproof strategy for increasing clickthrough rate.

Including a countdown timer is as easy as:

  • Navigate to Ads and Extensions in your Google Ads account
  • Select the text ad you’d like to add the countdown to, or click the add button and then go on to select your text ad
  • Complete the ad text
  • After that, you just add a { symbol to the spot in the ad where you clicked, and the countdown timer will appear
  • A drop-down menu appears; choose “countdown” and enter or adjust the time remaining until the deal ends
  • You can choose a date and time if you prefer, or leave it blank, and it will expire at midnight on the day you specify
  • Add the beginning date; if you don’t specify one, it will begin five days before the end date
  • It’s important to remember that the countdown clock will consume some of your advertising space (up to 8 characters), so keep that in mind when writing your copy
  • Then, after reviewing the ad, click Apply. Create a new version or save a new ad.

It’s a straightforward approach, but it can make a noticeable difference in your CTR.

4. Create An Attention-Grabbing Ad Copy

Keep in mind that the copy in your ads will likely be the first thing people read about your company. It’s also the most potent factor in determining the clickthrough rate of your advertisement copy.

Although it may seem simple to write catchy ad copy, the devil is in the details. You’ll need to set aside a sizable chunk of time to compose Ad copy that is appealing, interesting, and effective in raising clickthrough rate and boosting conversions.

Ad copy is where you sell your product or service and win over potential customers. Make sure the targeted keywords are included in the ad text in order to improve the clickthrough rate. When the user enters your targeted term into the search box, the ad will highlight that word in bold.

Don’t overuse keywords; choose carefully which ones best describe your product. The best way to determine which ad copy yields the highest clickthrough rate is to study the ads of your competitors, incorporate your company’s unique selling proposition into the text of your ads, and test and tweak various components.

5. Concentrate On Benefits, Not Features

Features are the product or service’s distinguishing traits, whereas benefits are the good results that can be expected from using such traits. You should also focus on the benefits rather than the features if you want to create captivating ad text that draws in a lot of readers.

Potential benefits are more likely to generate sales than features. Remember that the real reason you’re writing that ad content is to help customers, not just to promote your business.

So, ultimately putting yourself in the customer’s position will help you better grasp their search purpose.

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